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DIA collaborates with a school in Hyderabad, India

DIA’s 2017 fundraiser will sponsor education for under priviledged children in Hyderabad, India.

Saraswatha Academy high school is located outside Gowlipur, Hyderabad. The school provides english http://www.wholesalejerseys1.com medium education to children belonging to poor and below poverty line.
The school currently has 412 students. The http://www.cheapnfljerseys4.com school is established for the benefit of under privileged children as the parents cannot afford to send their children to far-off places where educational facilities are available.

The school is supported by the contribution of donors. Dr. Mitta, a resident of jersey online wholesale Albany, and a grand parent of one of the DIA members is one of the active donors in the school and enlighten DIA about the need of these children. Every child has a right to education and due to economic reasons, a child should not be deprived of going to school.

The school started with a mere shade, with no school supplies or any kind http://www.cheapnfljerseys4.com of furniture. Through the kind efforts of the donors, today the school has benches, black nba wholesale jerseys board, couple of rooms to start.There is a lot of work required and our goal is to raise enough funds that no child is left behind. Help us send a child to school.

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DIA delivered 557 snacks for Children in Need

This Christmas DIA packed 557 http://www.cheapnfljerseys4.com snacks and bags of a dozen apple to be distributed amongst children who participate in the free and reduced price school lunch program.

Many children who receive the meals are left without adequate nutrition on weekends and holiday breaks. The snack packs will be distributed to children at risk of weekend hunger. This opportunity was possible in Collaboration with Center for food action.

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DIA donated school bags, school supplies and organized lunch for children in Karachi

School bags and supplies were sent from New Jersey to Karachi. DIA director, Priya Navani met with the kids that are already enrolled in school and kids that need to go to school. Lunch was arranged for http://www.wholesalejerseys1.com the kids, and supplies were donated. 

Kids visited in high spirit and spoke about their studies, favorite subjects, and favorite sports. Kirti, who is eight years old crafted a greeting card and presented to Priya. Kids brought flowers and thank you cards. Kids were delighted and thankful that they can go to school and study. They shared their dreams that how they want to become an engineer or a teacher. 

Priya met with the parents and found out how most of the parents do not have any educational cheap NFL jerseys background and wanted to change the lives of their children by educating them. There is a critical need here, and the resources are less. DIA hopes that in 2018, we can commit to 40 more children to go to school. 



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